Marcel Sardella

About Marcel Sardella


Every year

Motorcycle riding


Musical background:
There’s a radio in the background …

Mapex Saturn pro Series
22″ BD/ 10″TT/ 12″TT/ 14″ST /16″ST
14″x5,5″ Saturn Pro Snare
14″x6″ Sonor Force 2000 Snare
Remo Drumheads, Foot Pedal: Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide, Tama Hardware
Agner Drum-Sticks Signature Marcel Sardella
Paiste: 2002 Series 16″ Power Crash, 2002 Series 18″ Power Crash. 2002 Series 19″ Crash, Power Ride 20″, TOP Heavy Hi- Hat 14″
Dr. Rock Plaster for bloody Fingers …:-(
P·EAR·S custom in-ear monitors,
Souls of Rock clothing

Idols in music:

Idols in life:

Life philosophy:
A burnt child has hat crispy fingers …

Place you would like to go:
Too many

What makes you laugh:
Doug Heffernan

First record you bought:

All time top 5 albums:

Whitesnake 1987
Crystal Ball – Dawnbreaker
Crystal Ball – LifeRider
Crystal Ball – Déjà-Voodoo
Crystal Ball – Crystallizer

Killing time on tour:
DVD, sleeping

Preparation for a show:
DVD, sleeping

Worst nightmare on stage:
… falling from the stool

Worst nightmare in general:
… not being able to get up from the stool

Favorite Crystal Ball song:
Skin to Skin, Hold your flag, Freedom and Progress, Alive for evermore

Favorite band/musician:
nothing in particular

Favorite book:
Oxford English Dictionary

Favorite drink:
Bud, Coke Zero, Coffee

Favorite food:
Mexican, Thai

Favorite animal:
The animal in me

Favorite movie:

Favorite TV show:
Lethal Weapon, King of Queens

Dumbest question you have ever been asked:
Why don’t you tour in the U.S.?