Cris Stone

Cris Stone

About Cris Stone

Bass, backing vocals

actually, everybody’s got only one real birth day

are taking so much time, I’d rather practice…

Girls, Girls, Girls…

Musical background: 
Music is not in the back and not on the ground,
but at the very top!

Ampeg SVT 4 Pro, Krankenstein Box
Rickenbacker 4003, Rickenbacker 4003 S (black)
Line6 Wireless, D’Addario NY XL Strings (065-130),  P·EAR·S custom in-ear monitors, Richter StrapsSouls of Rock clothing

Idols in music: 
Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, Jaco Pastorius and Nalle Pahlsson

Idol in life: 

Life philosophy: 
If I can do it tomorrow, why should I care to do it today?

Place you would like to go: 
to a music teacher

What makes you laugh: 
funny jokes

First record you bought: 
Def Leppard – Adrenalize (was a really expensive tape back then!)

All time top 5 albums:       
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
Metallica – Ride the Lightning
Slayer – South of Heaven
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (und alles, was nachher kam)
Therion – Theli

Killing time on tour: 
tasting whisky

Preparation for a show: 
you cannot really prepare yourself for a show…

Worst nightmare on stage:
no crowd

Worst nightmare in general: 
I’d be born without any ears or fingers

Favorite Crystal Ball song: 
Curtain Call, Déjà-VooDoo, Take it all, Anyone can be a hero, Soul Mate

Favorite band/musician: 
Black Sabbath, The Big Four, Therion, Paradise Lost, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein

Favorite book: 
The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite drink: 
everything that starts with a “W”, like whisky, wine, wodka, water…

Favorite food: 
Meat (Loaf)

Favorite animal: 
Horses, but only with fries and a tasty sauce

Favorite movie: 
Se7en, Face Off, Angel Heart, Bridges of Madison County

Favorite TV show: 
ice hockey

Dumbest question you have ever been asked:
May I ask you something?