Tony Castell

About Tony Castell

Guitar, backing vocals

23th June 19 …

Fitness, Football

Good Food

Musical background: 
Aint deal yet, Krokus, Fox

Duesenberg guitars,
Kemper amps, Marshall cabinets,
D’Addario NY XL 010-046, Dunlop picksP·EAR·S custom in-ear monitors,
Line6 wireless, Richter Straps, Souls of Rock clothing

Idole in music: 
Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Vivaldi

Idole in life: 
Everyone who did something good in life and for the human race….

Life philosophy: 
Enjoy your life,then your longer dead then alive….

Place you would like to go: 
Maledives … once each year …

What makes you laugh:
about myself …

First record you bought: 
Uriah Heep Fallen Angel

All time top 5 albums: 
AC/DC – Let there be Rock
Pink Floyd – Wish you were here
Deep Purple – live in Japan
Metallica – Black Album
Led Zeppelin – IV

Killing time on tour: 
Fitness and reading some books

Preparation for a show: 
Rehearse the setlist and mental training

Worst nightmare on stage: 
Falling off the stage and no sound

Worst nightmare in general: 

Favorite Crystal Ball song: 
Anyone can be a Hero, Pardise

Favorite band/musician: 
David Gilmore, Jack White, Jeff Beck

Favorite book: 
Everything from Hermann Hesse

Favorite drink: 
Salice Salentino red wine

Favorite food: 
Italian and Swiss food

Favorite animal:
My Dogs: Dailo and Chiara
My Cats:Sissy and Zorro

Favorite movie: 

Favorite TV show:
All Series from Navy, 24

Dumbest question you have ever been asked: 
Dumb questions …. dDumb people ….